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Why We’re the Best

With our team of experienced professionals, we strive to reduce your risk, increase safety, and fully navigate all the regulations. We work with large, small, or owner-operator companies.

Practice Areas

Maintaining compliance with the rules and running a successful fleet safety program can be challenging. We are here to support you in keeping up with this.

Seasoned Team

Our staff are primarily made up of former enforcement officers, as well as trucking industry professionals. We take pride in our staff being the best in the industry; therefore, we require industry leading certifications as well as recurrent training for all our staff.

Winning Streak

Our mission at Aagum Trucking Experts is to offer our customers the best possible service at a price that they can afford. With our trained and experienced team, we are determined to provide our clients the finest possible service at the most reasonable cost.

Border Connect 

BorderConnect is used by many of the top cross-border highway carriers. BorderConnect's ACE & ACI eManifest portal is trusted by some of the largest highway carriers in North America and designed to help you process eManifests for CBP & CBSA quickly and efficiently from your computer, tablet or even your phone. It also includes PAPS & PARS tracking - putting a complete solution for US Bound & Canadian bound shipments in one place

JD Factors

J D Factors provides non-recourse factoring to turn your unpaid invoices into the immediate cash you need without credit risk or debt.

Samsara ELD

Samsara's ELD compliance is part of a complete fleet management platform that provides fleets with real-time GPS tracking for live-to-the-second location data, driver coaching for a safer fleet, and more. also provides Dashcams

Transcore Link Logistics

Loadlink Technologies helps Canadian companies facilitate the critical movement of goods by trucks through the use of its technology. With decades of propelling innovation and by way of its modernized freight matching, the company helps its members drive better business performance and competitiveness while delivering new levels of customer experiences.