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Alcohol & Tobacco Permits for USA & Canada

Each province and state has specific rules when it comes to hauling alcohol and tobacco. 
If you are hauling a load that requires the carrier to have a Canadian province or US state-issued alcohol or tobacco movement permit, you have to contact the relevant issuing agencies in the province or state you will be picking up, delivering, or transporting through for some general permit requirements.
Trucking Experts can advise you on which provinces and states require a permit to transport alcohol and tobacco.

IFTA/IRP Trip Permits for USA & Canada

Trucking Experts can help you apply for an IFTA/IRP permits. It can’t be ordered in advance or renewed online.
With a special permit, you can temporarily:
- Drive or transport a passenger vehicle through Ontario without registering it in the province;
- Exceed the weight limit displayed on the permit for a commercial vehicle, if you are relocating it for business purposes (e.g., an auto auction or to and from dealerships).

          Oversize, Overweight & Overheight Permits for                                         USA & Canada

When it comes to oversize, overweight, and over-height permits for your load, make sure you understand the requirements for each province and state. Each province and state has a different set of rules and regulations when it comes to oversize, overweight, and overweight loads. 
Permits are issued for trucks and loads that exceed the standard dimensions and weights set by the ruling transportation body of each province and state.
If the dimensions or combined weight of your vehicle and load exceeds the restrictions specified in the said jurisdiction, you will require a permit. Before entering a province or state with an oversized, overweight, or overweight load, make sure you have the required permits or else you may face hefty fines. 
If you want to drive on municipal roads, you may be required to get additional permits or permission directly from that municipality.

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